Prices & Ordering

Whether you are a pet owner who desires the best for your pet, or if you are a dog groomer, operate a pet store, run a veterinary clinic, have a specialty boutique of any kind, want to raise funds for a charity and/or if you are simply looking for an extra source of income, we have configured several options to meet your needs and are open to suggestions. Although we do our best to expedite orders, you should allow three to four weeks for delivery. While returns are not allowed, individuals and groups have found great financial success by buying the white and pink packages to show others and then collecting money.

Unwrapped six ounce bags of product are $7.99 and wrapped bags are $9.99. Due to COVID and demand, the minimum order size is $500.00 with shipping included in the price. Payments should be mailed to 19603 Lake Hollow Lane Suite 200, Houston, TX 77084 and delivery will be made within a month of receiving an order.