To dog groomers, pet stores, specialty retailers, fund raisers, veterinarians & those looking for added income: Ten 6 oz. each net wt. resealable plastic bags (i.e., 60 oz. total) of unwrapped product


If you have a dog that loves our product you can buy it in bulk to save money. Similarly, if you are a dog groomer, operate a pet store, run a veterinary clinic, have a specialty boutique of any kind, want to raise funds for a charity and/or if you are simply looking for an extra source of income, you can purchase ten packages of this premium dog treat and then sell it for the suggested retail prices or place a bag of our product in a box or sack with other items that you either give away as a premium or sell for a profit. While returns are not allowed, individuals have found great success by buying the unwrapped packages and selling it to individuals “on the spot” at fairs, garage sales and other special events and/or by collecting money from those they know before placing their bulk orders with us.

SKU: 683318609433


Six ounces of the dry mixture are enclosed in each resealable plastic bag. Attached to each of the ten plastic bags are the ingredients, guaranteed analysis, “best by date” and directions regarding the use of the product.